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2023-12-08, 18:51
Gusto ko lang po magshare sa ibinigay na tulong at himala sa akin ng Dyos at ni St. Jude. Napakalaki po ng naging problema ko sa thesis namin at kung ...
2023-10-12, 00:15
Praying na makapasa Ako Sa exam Pero mas higit pa ang binigay. I got pregnant, tagal nming hinintay. Thanks God! Thank you St Jude Thaddeus.

May 8, 2024

DIVINE MERCY REFLECTION: The Sweetness Of Encountering Jesus

Source: https://mycatholic.life

Have you encountered the sweetness of Jesus?  He, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, come to you in the secret depths of your soul.  There, in this hidden place, they desire to communicate with you.  Their communication is beyond words and concepts.  It’s a communication of profound love that leaves the soul at peace and with a delight of the greatest sweetness.  Their encounter with you is not an emotion; it’s a spiritual union (See Diary #622).

How deep is your relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit?  Is it something more intellectual?  Is it based only on the fact that you believe in them, for the most part?  Or is it something that goes much deeper?  The goal must be to come to know God in a real and tangible way.  But that knowledge of Him must also be personal.  It must become a relationship that is lived and that sustains you in all things.  If the Blessed Trinity lives within you, and if you allow yourself to embrace that relationship wholeheartedly, then you will discover an inner sweetness that overwhelms any suffering or hardship you endure.  The sweetness of that love will carry you, day in and day out, to the glories of Heaven.

"Lord, I long to know You, to love You and to become one with You.  I desire to have You live within my soul, refreshing me with the sweetness of Your presence.  Take my life, sweet Jesus, and unite me with Your perfect Heart of love.  Jesus, I trust in You."